ACM DBIT Student Chapter

Teknack Gaming Studio

ACM-DBIT chapter took birth in the year 2003 and is in its 20th year of enhancing Dbitians' lives by providing a platform to enjoy learning. Teknack is one of the amazing battlefields provided by ACM for students of not just DBIT but also of other colleges to boost up their creative skills and pump up their technical skills by amalgamating with newer ideas and facts to build up Games that give the players an experience that would last with them forever.

An act once done becomes a memory…But an action consciously done again and again makes an habit that upskills one's soul to being a better human. And one of the best ways to carve some good ideas into minds, especially of the young is through a game and keeping this in mind, Teknack has produced some value-enhancing games that give the player a chill down the spine.

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