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Teknack started off as a 5-event intra college online festival with a 2-member organizing team in the year 2010. Today, Teknack has a healthy core team of 20-30 students, all from the Computer Department of Don Bosco Institute of Technology.

It is now organised every year in the month of February. The themes for Teknack are different every year, ranging from concepts such as Sustainability to times of an Apocalypse. The number of games featured have gradually increased every year, reaching an unprecedented high of 15 events in the year 2017.

There are various events conducted during Teknack. Some of them are

  • Virtual Stock Market
  • Auction It
  • Mugshot
  • Accoustica
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Mega Event
Our Mission

To make a platform for all gamers to come together and play against one another and be entertained.

Our Vision

To become the largest platform providing gaming entertainment

Our Team